Computex 開始,果然一堆平板電腦,也出現了一些 Android 平板的新聞( Acer, MSI和一些代工產品跟 Nvidia 的 Demo ),但卻沒預期地多。其實從上週的 GoogleTV 開始,自己就有一種感覺是,如果 Google 不正面面對它將會遇到的智財權處理問題,他提出的軟體整合方案就算再吸引人也沒人敢用。

手機方面,HTC 被 Apple 告之後,Google 雖然精神和口頭上給予支持,但是並未提供實質的協助,以致 HTC 得跟微軟簽專利合約,就已經是最好的實例。很令人意外 OHA 聯盟沒有專利互惠的共識,而採用 Android 的手機的廠商也一堆想跳出 Google 服務做出自定的修改,像是中國移動的 OMS 或 MOTO 針對大陸市場預設的搜尋引擎修改,以及一大堆大大小小的應用商店。

Google 或許可以考慮將針對手機市場的獲利,拿出一點給加入 OHA 的硬體廠商們以及電信商們作為合作的優惠,使其取消過度客製化的意願,尤其是在買下 Admob 之後的現在,這點更是重要。除了可以說服硬體商們,讓採用Android的廠商把各自的專利吐出來,形成專利池的防護網。另外也可以透過電信商的分成來取消應用商店分裂的情況,這樣或許可以解決很多手機部分的問題。

平板電腦的部份,Android 平板其實目前尚未得到 Google 官方的正式承認和支援,雖然 Google 採取的是任其發展的態度,但除了 Google 對於較大型的電腦裝置,預設是希望採用 Chrome OS 之外,Tablet PC 最早基本上是微軟做最多的著墨和實作,所以採用的廠商未來會不會遇到專利問題也是未知數。

而 GoogleTV,個人很擔心羅技會變成第二個 HTC,以羅技過去的產品線來看,並沒有關於機上盒的相關記錄。就算它用的是 Intel Atom方案,但是如果自己完全沒這方面專利,假使真的被告起來也還是很難擋的。雖然過去機上盒市場嚴格來說並沒有真正成功的,但是至少像 TiVO 這類型的廠商還是有繼續存活著,以一個從未踏入這個市場過的電子產品商,如果真的憑藉 GoogleTV 成功的話,其實專利的官司應該是省不了的,別忘了就算是微軟的 MCE 多媒體中心系統沒有成為攻佔客廳的主流,也都還是讓微軟手上可能有不少專利。

個人覺得如果 Moto 真的順利將公司切割開,把網通跟行動家用裝置分開成二家公司的話,可能 Google 真的可以好好考慮將 Moto 買了,或是至少跟他們買專利授權,因為至少 Moto 在手機和機上盒方面的發展歷史還算豐富,在面對專利官司的時候,累積的專利至少可以比一家搜尋起家的網路公司來得擋得住許多。


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Google should continues to look for some patent issues


Computex start, and sure enough a bunch of tablet PCs, there have been some news Android plate (Acer, MSI and some OEM products with Nvidia's Demo), but no more than expected,. In fact, from the beginning GoogleTV last week that he had a feeling that if Google does not face to face encounter of the intellectual property it will deal with the problem of software integration solutions he proposed another interesting one would dare to even use.

Handsets, HTC has been reported after Apple, Google While the spiritual and verbal support, but did not provide substantial assistance, which HTC gotta Microsoft sign patent agreements, it has the best examples. OHA is surprising consensus on mutually beneficial alliance not patent, and use Android mobile phone manufacturers also want to jump out of a bunch of Google services to make custom changes, such as the China Telecom's OMS or MOTO for the mainland market default search engine changes and a host of shops large and small appmarkets.

Google may be able to consider the profitability of the market for mobile, point out to join the OHA hardware manufacturers and carriers are as preferential cooperation, to abolish the excessive customization will, especially after the purchase Admob Now, this is important. In addition to persuade hardware makers, manufacturers make use of Android's patent spat out their form patent pool safety net. Other telecom operators can also cancel the application store split into the case, it might solve a lot of cell phone part of the problem.

Tablet PC part, Android flat in fact, Google has not yet been officially recognized and supported, although Google is allowed to develop the attitude to take, but in addition to Google for larger computer devices, the default is to use outside the Chrome OS , Tablet PC Microsoft to do first is basically the most fleshed out and implemented, so that companies use patent will not encounter the problem is unknown.

The GoogleTV, individuals are concerned that Logitech will become the second HTC, to Logitech's product line look at the past, and no set-top boxes of related records. Even if it is the Intel Atom with the program, but if they did this completely patent, if so, it still is difficult to block the defendant's. Although in the past set-top box market, strictly speaking, no real success, but at least this type of companies like TiVO still continue to live with, in order to enter this market has never been an electronics business, with GoogleTV if successful, In fact, the case should be the province of the patent can not, do not forget that even Microsoft's MCE Media Center system does not capture the living room into the mainstream, also let Microsoft's hand may have a lot of patents.

Moto is really personal opinion, if the company successfully separate domestic operations into two companies, it may consider Google really good Moto bought, or at least buy a patent license with them, because at least Moto in aspects of mobile phones and set-top boxes fairly rich history of development, when in the face of patent litigation, patent accumulated at least started out more than a search for many Internet companies has come to resist.


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