如果沒有裝Toast,只用目前一般免費的燒錄軟體,大概遇到最頭痛的就是Nero的映像檔.nrg格式,nrg2iso是一個從Linux上移植過來的命令列程式,作者做了一個圖形介面,可以在10.4以上的環境將Nero製作的.nrg映像檔,轉成一般的iso檔,搭配Burn這套燒錄軟體來使用,可以讓燒錄功能更加完備,不過versiontracker上介紹只支援Intel Mac,不知道原因為何,要待PowerPC平台使用者幫忙測試才能知道,不過因為是GPL軟體,有原始碼,也許之後會再增加PowerPC平台的支援也不一定。

Not installed Toast, can also open the Nero NRG image file in mac os x by nrg2iso



If you are not equipped with Toast, just with the current free burning software in general is probably the biggest headache is encountered in Nero image file. Nrg format, nrg2iso is a transplant from the Linux command line on the program, the author has made a graphical user interface , 10.4 more than in the environment will be Nero produced. nrg image file, transfer into a normal iso file with Burn this burning software to use, can function more complete burn, but versiontracker introduced only supports Intel Mac, do not know why, we must wait PowerPC platform for users to help test in order to know, but because it is GPL software, there is source code, perhaps to increase again after the PowerPC platform, support is not necessarily. 


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