沒想到居然在這次 WWDC 開發者會議完全沒有 OSX 的任何消息,難怪今年的 Apple Design Award 獎項也完全沒有 Mac 軟體獎項。完全沒有OSX的消息,是要告訴Mac程式開發者們,就請專心開發iOS平台就好嗎?另外也間接證實了之前有關於OSX Team都去支援iPad開發的傳聞。

除了 iOS 又要跟思科再打一次官司之外(原來拿到授權了)iADs 目前有多少廣告商買帳了(但是有講總值),也完全沒數據,WWDC 上重新講一次 iADs,不知道是否是要先讓廣告掛載率提高,好用來吸引廣告商的手段?

FaceTime 視訊電話功能,應該會讓手機使用視訊的機率提高,至少過去 3G 的視訊電話自己是幾乎是沒用過。但是一開始只能用 Wifi 有點廢,如果跟電信公司沒談好 3G 視訊,應該會讓更多人想要 JB 破解,用 3G 訊號偽裝成 Wifi 功能。另外 FaceTime 不知道之後會不會提供跟電腦連接對談的功能(透過iChat?),或許是Skype先因此受惠啟用這項功能?(可能嗎)

最近 Apple 一直在提 HTML5,本來自己還想會不會有基於 HTML5 的 iLife / iWork 消息,但是只有支援更多 HTML5 的 Safari 5

之前 Nokia 說,拍照手機相機會取代專業數位相機,不過從iMovie for iPhone來看,強烈的感覺是 Apple 要先吃掉掌上攝影機的消費市場,從之前 iPod Video 就有這個走向了。其實說真的,一般人的攝影需求沒有那麼高的要求的話,市場上很多 DV 攝影機的確是對一般人來說太複雜了一點。

一狗票八卦都沒出現,Apple 觸控板HDMI 的 Mac miniAppleTV被買下的 LaLa 線上音樂,依照 Apple 會釋放假消息,透過假消息曝光來抓公司內部哪裡洩密的傳聞,應該很多人被砍了吧。如果傳聞都是會推出的東西,那看來之後 Apple Event 還有得等。

一般來說 OSX 的更新時程,大約是 1-1.5 年,10.4 版算是活最久,大概快二年,看來 10.6 應該會破紀錄,因為以 WWDC 發佈後半年才會推出 OSX 的時程,10.6 至少還有一年半可以用。


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With a kitty (iOS) but no big cats (OSX) at WWDC 

Never thought this WWDC Conference did not have any news about OSX, no wonder this year's Apple Design Award awards list are not included Mac software. No news of OSX is to tell the Mac program developers, please concentrate on the development iOS platform on you? There is also indirectly confirmed on OSX Team before all the rumors to support the iPad development.

In addition to iOS but also with the Cisco lawsuit again, outside of (the original authorization to get a) iADs of the number of advertisers were buying up ( but there is talk value ), no data are complete, WWDC re talking about the iADs, do not know it is the first ad to mount rate, and good means to attract advertisers?

FaceTime video phone function, it should make use of video phones at greater risk, at least in the past 3G video phone that they are almost never used. However, beginning only with Wifi little waste, if the telecommunications companies did not discuss with a good 3G video, should make more people want to JB break, posing as Wifi signal with 3G capabilities. FaceTime also do not know will not be provided after the link with the computer chat functionality (through iChat?), Skype may be the first to enable this feature, therefore will benefit? (Probably you)

Apple has recently raised HTML5, had his wish will not be based on HTML5 of iLife / iWork message, but only to support more HTML5's Safari 5 .

Nokia said before , camera phone camera to replace the professional digital camera, but from iMovie for iPhone view, the strong feeling is that Apple should first eat the handheld camera to the consumer market before the iPod Video from there it went to the. In fact, really, most people's photography needs are not such high expectations, the market is indeed in many DV cameras are too complicated for the average person a little.

A dog vote no gossip there, Apple touchpad , HDMI's Mac mini ,AppleTV , LaLa was bought online music, according to Apple will release false news, false news exposure through the company where the leak came for the rumors, it should be a lot of were cut instead. If the rumors are all things that will be introduced, it seems to have to wait after the Apple Event.

Generally OSX update schedule, about 1-1.5 years, 10.4 edition be living the longest, I'll probably two years, it seems should be a record of 10.6, due to the WWDC OSX will be released six months after the release of the schedule, 10.6 At least one and a half can.



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