目前jDraft在beta階段,開啟時會出現註冊過期的通知,雖然未註冊的狀態目前也還是可以使用,而如果要註冊的話,目前只要寫英文email到 jdraft@remove-this.sparetimelabs.com 通知他們說要註冊即可。








另外由於使用jDraft import DXF檔案,會讓jDraft的預設列印範圍變成只有匯入物件的大小,所以在完成標示之後,在列印之前要先到【Settings】去修改Drawing Size。







列印完成後的pdf檔或postscript檔,回到illustrator開啟,就可以看到標示完成的圖,為了測試往前相容性,這邊用的是illustrator 9版。








Although it is known jDraft this lightweight and functional enough cross-platform CAD software, has been for some time, but has not been painted since the CAD map-related needs, most only need to visit the open can, so we have been on hold did not go to use it, just User submitted in the oikos see,because on the Mac with Illustrator's CADTools in CS2, facing the problems of cultural package will be the situation, so we try to take a look at to use it to match. 

Present jDraft in beta stage, when open registration expiration notice will appear, although unregistered state is also still available, but if you want to register the case, is currently writing in English as long as the email to the jdraft @ informed them that To register can be. 

The software is turned on, the tool panel will be hidden by default, so first to Window】 【option here to open it all. 

Then the size needs to be done in illustrator ready marked line diagrams, export into dxf format, and go to Tools】 【jDraft which option to use import. 

After import, you can use the tool palette tool for them to do these four dimensions labeled action. 

The general boundary marking, for example, click on a step tool palette in the upper left corner of the boundary marking tool, as long as close to the border to be marked, they were to great circle and the small round, allowing users to specify the border. 

Then as long as the direction to be marked, pull out the correct size of label you can see. 

The jDraft by itself will be to indicate the true size, if the user is then reduced scale, such as 1cm = 10m situation. 

Click the part numbers should go alone to do another amendment, so the best way to use directly or in the illustrator drawn to scale 1:1, of course, if it is a large object diagram may be no other way, it is necessary 11 to amend the size of figures. 

In addition, as the use of jDraft import DXF files, the default print range will make jDraft only have to import the size of the object, so after the completion of marking, in print before the first to 【Settings】 to modify the Drawing Size. 


And then they can be set to print the scope of the size that suits your needs. 

Because after the completion of the file, is to return to import illustrator, so here you want to install can be printed into a postscript printer, the Mac on a proposal to install CUPS-PDF, in Windows, just add a postscript function the virtual printer, and then print a file will be followed. prn change. ps can be. 

In the Mac using jDraft, press the print issue is encountered after the panel that some unusual form. 

But in fact, among the paging buttons, or functioning properly, so as long as the press to another page. 

Go back to the first page button, you can see the normal printer selection screen. 

Then press the print, you can see the print preview screen. 

Print the completed pdf file or postscript file, back to illustrator to open, you can see marked the completion of the plan, in order to test forward compatibility, here are using a version of illustrator 9. 

jDraft can also be printed only good part of the selected objects, but if not prepared to print size settings. 

jDraft will be the object map to fill the range of ways to print printed pdf, it will result in Original size change, so use this feature, take note of this part. 

In fact, jDraft itself can cope with the demand a certain degree of CAD drawings, but if fewer persons use the plane to the CAD drawing software, and how many will still be unfamiliar with, but if the software can be used with the original, at least in the use of efficiency can be compared quick completion of the temporary use of the situation, but if you are interested in more familiar jDraft, I suggest can go to their website to see relevant manuals to understand, but introduced to the side, it will normally encounter CAD files, from the Open a browser to re-draw Other solutions are to tell you, I hope you suffer the relevant circumstances, we can reduce some of the time looking for information to solve the problem.




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