DrawBerry-function is also a good free vector graphics software

DrawBerry is a free vector graphics software, you can alsoApple introduced the official online software download that the current use of operation, the number of functions that can replace some may not need to use software such as Illustrator did, but they need to Vector Software people, and the operative levels were also more simple. 

However, after use, in print before the first abolition of reference to use of grid lines, or even the alignment of lines will be printed at the same time should also be careful not to click on to the screen draw the objects. 

And because none of DrawBerry into the picture, simply use the Shape of the box functionality, will fill in coloring the use of photographs, images can be inserted. 

As for the follow-up if you want the file to be used in print or Illustrator editing, you can refer to the output from the iWork support for printing CMYK color mode PDF.


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