Google Sketchup這個3D軟體,在被Google買下後,開放大部分功能在非商業性使用的情況下免費使用,而且也沒有因為這樣停止發展(雖然速度慢了點),而今天釋出了7.1版本,大部分是針對地理貼圖的功能。

首先7.1版的Google Sketchup多出了地理貼圖的功能,只要是有做好座標定位的模組,就可以用Get Photo Texture的功能,從Google StreetView當中找到該地的建築,並且以該建築的照片作為材質貼圖。

另外,將Google Earth衛星平面圖貼進Sketchup當中後,就可以用Nearby Model的功能搜尋到附近是否有人上傳製作好的3D模組。

另外Google Sketchup 7.1也將上傳模組的功能簡化成一個按鍵就可以達成(使用前要在Sketchup 7.1左下角先登入Google帳號)。對以上7.1功能有興趣的,也可以到YouTube觀看官方示範。

其實Google Sketchup 7版還多了一個有趣的功能就是互動工具,只要到3DWareHouse下載了有互動功能的模型,就可以用Interact模式使用該模型的互動功能,可惜製作的部份,需要購買Sketchup Pro版才行。


而其實有另外一個非官方的Google Sketchup Plugin稱為SketchyPhysics,在安裝後可以讓Google Sketchup裡面的模型具有物理互動的特性,可以做出像是步行、走路、撞擊等等效果,不過使用上需要相當時間的學習,sketchyPhysics3開始也支援Mac版的SKetchup使用,有興趣的人可以參考YuoTube相關影片論壇官方維基教學,另外SketchyPhysics希望如果使用者用了他們的Plugin製作出模型,要上傳到3DwareHouse的話,可以配合加上SketchyPhysics的標籤,這樣在3DWareHouse才能搜尋到相關的模型


以下翻譯自Google Translate


Google Sketchup 7.1-geographical coordinates of mapping, object uploading 


Google Sketchup The 3D software, Google bought, after being open most of the features in the case of non-commercial use free of charge, but also because it did not stop developing (albeit slow the point), but, today released the 7.1 version , most of them for the geographic mapping function.

The first 7.1 version of Google Sketchup more geographic mapping function, as long as there is a good location coordinates of the module, you can use Get Photo Texture features were found from a Google StreetView to the building, and to the building's photos as texture mapping.

In addition, the Google Earth satellite plan paste them into Sketchup, you can use the search function Nearby Model to a nearby if someone upload a good production of 3D modules.

Another Google Sketchup 7.1 will also be uploading the function module can be simplified into one button to reach (using Sketchup 7.1 in the bottom left corner before the first sign in Google account).Above 7.1 features are interested in, you can also watch the YouTubeofficial demonstration.

In fact, Google Sketchup 7 edition of more than an interesting feature is an interactive tool, all you need to download an interactive feature 3DWareHouse model, you can use with the Interact mode interactive features of the model, unfortunately produced in part of the need to purchase Sketchup Pro Edition Cai Xing.


The fact there is another unofficial Google Sketchup Plugin called SketchyPhysics, after installation, which will allow Google Sketchup model of interaction with the physical characteristics, can be made such as walking, walking, impact, and so effect, however, require considerable use of the time to learn, sketchyPhysics3 began also supports Mac versions of SKetchup use of those who are interested can refer to the YuoTube related videos, forums, the official wiki of teaching, another SketchyPhysics hope that if the user using their Plugin to produce models, to upload to 3DwareHouse then we can meet with SketchyPhysics label, so in order to search for in the 3DWareHouse to the relevant model.


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