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歐特克與國內大塚資訊創立「機械美學工程師」養成訓練班,並展示最新版Autodesk Alias Design 2010工業設計軟體之功能。

歐特克表示,Autodesk Alias Design 2010首次相容於Macintosh平台,將適用於Mac OS X作業系統,全新系列產品專門因應專業創意人士、數位建模工程師/雕塑家,及汽車工程師/交通運輸設計師等工作需求,其強化功能將可改善軟體之間的互通性問題。

Macintosh with Subscription Electronic Download - $4,590.00




Autodesk new industrial design software, and Mac-compatible

ZDNet Taiwan to see the news 

Autodesk and domestic information Otsuka founded the "machine aesthetic engineer" develop training courses, and to demonstrate the latest version of Autodesk Alias Design 2010 software, the function of industrial design. 

Autodesk said that, Autodesk Alias Design 2010 for the first time compatible with the Macintosh platform, will apply to Mac OS X operating system, a new series of products specifically in response to creative professionals, digital modeling engineer / sculptor, and automotive engineers / transport Designers such as work demands, the enhancements will improve the interoperability between the software problems. 

Macintosh with Subscription Electronic Download - $ 4,590.00 

See description it seems there is no problem to open DWG 



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