以Ubuntu來說,雖然新推出的Unity很美,可是卻用到了Dock元素,Mac OS X的Dock是有拿到專利的,這樣在將來,假使其他廠商大量採用了有Unity介面的Ubuntu作為Netbook出貨欲裝系統時,就會出現是否會有專利侵權的疑慮。此時就變成要從NeXTStep衍生成OpenStep/GNUStep時,是否已經構成放棄專利和成為先前技術存在的證據,來去對OSX Dock專利來做專利無效的攻擊,才有辦法解決這個問題。

然而這種時候,其實Ubuntu就應該做不同方式的發想,例如開啟的軟體不一定要使用Dock的型式。也許可以像呼叫Widget層一樣,呼叫出Ubuntu Remix。






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Personal impressions: the mainstream commercial open source should be more their style of innovation


In fact, Apple has been reported from HTC, and then be signed with Microsoft when there is a very deep feeling, because Android is implemented in the software interface on the iPhone too much design and creativity, so people will have to use Android, their own strength to be strong enough patent, or that small companies will be the same as faced by Microsoft, Apple or other manufacturers reported the situation. Thus, if the open source if you want to stop into the mainstream market, probably only two way. One is to continue as they are now attached to the company's patent protection in large, for example MeeGo and LiMo, MeeGo because it is composed of Intel and Nokia; by the Linux Foundation to promote embedded system.


So now they are so small hardware and software providers use to promote the greatest propaganda point is at least Intel / Nokia / Linux Foundation grant of patent protection, as opposed to more than Google can give many members of OHA. The LiMo Mobile Systems Alliance, which is probably the last chance this part, although the use of LiMo really relatively much lower. LiMo, after all, many of these are telecom operators, such as Microsoft or Apple operating this type of independent hardware and software providers, compared to the control channel does not dare to move the carrier site. 


Another way is to come out of their style, in fact, many open source hardware already has done this part, and also has a certain degree of commercial scale , such as Arduino , although they still a small minority of hardware development market. In the patent context, must be established in a large number of public domain has become the basis of patents or intellectual property continue to do innovative and creative in the same time in the first to leave full of Guan Jian Fa Bu and the evidence (Biru Kaifawenjian reservations to the benefit Duiyu up Zhuce patents are invalid is rendered).

To Ubuntu, although the new Unity beautiful, but they use the Dock elements, Mac OS X's Dock is to get a patent , so in the future, if a large number of others have used Ubuntu for Netbook Unity interface For ship loading system, there will be doubts whether there will be patent infringement. At this point it becomes from the NeXTStep Yansheng Cheng OpenStep / GNUStep, whether already constitute a waiver of a prior art patent and there is evidence, do come and go on the OSX Dock patent invalid patent attack, only way to solve this problem.

But this time, in fact, Ubuntu should do the hair in different ways like, for example, do not have to use the software to open the Dock of the type. Widget layer may be the same as the call, call out the Ubuntu Remix.

Or like Flickr, it was created , the OLPC hundred laptop which usesSugar interface to transform into a desktop system using the software interface is a better fat to. These are all free software has its own unique style, functionality and interfaces, and also less likely to provoke their own follow-up work on the patent case of trouble.

As the use of software patents is a method of registration system, the hardware is different from the patent could be avoided larger space. Therefore, software patents were before the FSF to promote the success of the patent revolution has closed software business software patents are still a threat will be open source. However, the benefits of free software that has to be free to re-create the advantage. The re-innovation and improvement, in fact, Apple is now competing to become the 3C industry because of plagiarism, they will use design thinking and business models in the use of correction and rehabilitation, Raner fact, free software in it would be better than a commercial companies have an advantage to achieve better, although he had no power to realize it, but can only expect the future of free software developers to have a higher level of thinking, then continued with the Genzai go behind closed software's , as its a better way out, just as Linux is able to and embedded in the server market run amok, and not also the advantage of their freedom on the development of out of it?



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