對於Apple一直不肯放行Flash Player的部份,Adobe雖然目前做了繞彎的作法,推出了專業的Flash工具,讓程式開發者們可以把Flash打包成單一程式登上iPhone AppStore(iPhone OS 4之後這方法就行不通了)。

不過現在似乎有另外一個方式,程式設計師Tobias Schneider用Javascript寫了一個稱作Gordon.js的javascript程式,這個Javascript程式可以說就是一個以Javascript為基礎的Flash Player,讓Flash的swf元件,可以在未安裝Flash Player、但是支援HTML5和SVG web向量格式的瀏覽器當中運作。


雖然這隻程式目前尚未能夠完全地實作所有Flash Player目前的功能,但是透過開發者放在網路上的Demo可以看到,也有各家瀏覽器的支援表,至少該程式目前已經可以基礎地運作一些SWF的效果,由於Flash格式SWF本身,在Adobe的網站上就可以看到該格式的開放規格書,所以這程式的運作方式,可能是透過Gordon.js將SWF解析後轉以SVG格式展示(二者均為座標描述原理的向量格式),作者也有將原始碼以MIT開放授權釋出

或許Adobe應該協助完成這個JS基礎的Flash Player,將Flash Player在10.1當中對於GPU協同運算的功能;與瀏覽器開發者們共享運用在Javascript解譯器的使用上,畢竟現在各家瀏覽器都在積極增進這塊部分,而Flash當中像Actionscript很多部分,本來也就是與Javascript一樣都是ECMA基礎,不妨運用這樣的趨勢來降低自行開發Flash Player的成本,把心思放在如何讓Flash/SWF能在開發上有更好的運用及新功能。


不知道在小型行動裝置上使用Flash是不是要付給Adobe授權費用,如果要的話,或許iPhone一直以來不開放使用Flash,就不光是所謂的效能不佳的問題而已了,不過如果是這樣的話,或許對這個js Flash Player比較會有興趣的會是Apple也說不定。




Javascript written in Flash Player for iPhone to carry out part of the swf



Apple has been reluctant to release for the Flash Player part of, Adobe has done a Raowan although practices, introduction of a professional Flash tools, so developers can program the Flash packaged into a single program boarded iPhone AppStore.

But now it seems there is another way to use Javascript programmers Tobias Schneider wrote a program called Gordon.js of javascript, this is a Javascript program can be said to Javascript-based Flash Player, so that Flash's swf components, you can is not installed Flash Player, but the support for HTML5 and SVG web vector format, which the operation of the browser.


While this program is not yet able to fully implement all the current functionality of Flash Player, but by the developer on the Demo on the web you can see, there are Gejia browser support table, at least for now could be the basis of the program to operate the effect of a number of SWF, due to Flash format, SWF itself, in the Adobe's Web site can see the format of an open specification, so this mode of operation of the program may be resolved through the Gordon.js the SWF after the switch to SVG format display ( Both principles are described in vector coordinates format), the author also has to MIT open source license will be released.

Perhaps Adobe should help to complete the JS-based Flash Player, the Flash Player at 10.1 for the GPU collaboration among the computing functions; and browser developers have used in the sharing of the use of Javascript interpreter, after all, now that other browsers are in work actively to promote this piece parts and Flash many parts of them, like Actionscript, originally is the same as are the ECMA and Javascript-based, may wish to use this trend to reduce the cost of self-developed Flash Player to concentrate on how to make Flash / SWF can be development on the better use and new features.


Do not know in the small mobile devices using Flash is Adobe licensing fees to be paid, if so, perhaps not open iPhone has been the use of Flash, not just the so-called just a matter of poor performance, but if this is the case, Perhaps more on this js Flash Player will be interested in Apple instead.



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