之前在老地方冰果室看到MacFUSE的介紹,不過那時以為這是個需要輸入許多Unix like指令集才能使用的工具,昨天在Mobile01看到網友分享的心得,原來現在已經有方便的套件可以使用,安裝好之後就能夠讀取NTFS的磁區了,包括我之前本來為了遷就早期Parallels beta版本必須要NTFS才能讀取Bootcamp磁區,所轉換的硬碟分割空間,也能夠讀取了。

1.首先到 下載MacFUSE的核心程式,並且把它安裝完成,這時會要求要重開機,不過先等等

2.到這裡下載給Mac OS X使用的NTFS-3G driver,安裝完畢之後再重新開機



要請各位要使用這個驅動程式的人注意,在他的網頁上已經有說明,這個 NTFS-3G 是beta版軟體,除了傳輸的速度慢之外,有可能不穩定,在使用上要小心

我的經驗是真的不是很穩,尤其是大檔案的拷貝,不過我的環境比較複雜,我在裝好之後,從 Mac 連我的網路硬碟,拷貝了30G的檔案到 NTFS 的硬碟上,在拷貝的同時我想打開 NTFS 硬碟裡面的檔案,結果整個 OS X 就卡住了,在我重新開機之後就無法正常使用 NTFS 硬碟了,所以要用的人請小心


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MacFUSE can read NTFS's Bootcamp sector

Before the old local fruit ice shop to see MacFUSE introduction, but then thought it was a need to enter a number of Unix like instruction set to use the tools, yesterday saw the Mobile01 User shared experiences, the original now has a convenient package can be used , installed after the sector be able to read NTFS, and including the original before me, in order to accommodate the earlier version of Parallels beta must be NTFS in order to read the Bootcamp sector, the conversion of the hard disk partition space, but also be able to read the. 

1. First to download MacFUSE core of the program, and it the installation is complete, then will be asked to re-boot, but the first, and so on 

2. To here to download for Mac OS X to use NTFS-3G driver, then reboot after installation is complete 

3. After a reboot the system will start to read some time, colored balls will be transferred for a long time, until the switch can see the NTFS after completing the magnetic areas to form a network drive, and can be read by 

4. However, to the user, who should pay attention to the risks it wants to look at, the bottom of them from mobile01 User [play] a reminder: 

Would like to invite you to use this driver to people's attention on his web page has instructions, the NTFS-3G is the beta version of the software, in addition to slow transmission, the possibility of instability, to be careful in the use of 

My experience is really not very stable, especially the large file copy, but my environment is complex, well after I installed from the Mac even my network hard drive, copy a 30G hard disk files to the NTFS , in the copy at the same time I would like to open NTFS hard disk inside the file, the results of the entire OS X on the stuck in my not work properly after reboot using the NTFS hard disk, so use them, please be careful 

So, you want to use friends may be a little psychological preparation Oh, and if the NTFS magnetic zones are like me, are used in Bootcamp sector, then, each boot will take some time to read, it will be a start to see a colored ball showup . 


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