還在等候Leopard出現帶來的優秀備份方案Time Machine嗎?現在有個日本人寫出了一個軟體TimeDrawer,讓Tiger也能擁有記錄備份的方法了,底下就是簡單的操作說明。
首先,安裝之後,要啟用TimeDrawer的話,要先前往系統偏好設定,將TimeDrawer的功能啟用,並且在第一個分頁-Target的地方,第一個set target folder,選擇是要全面備份,或是在固定檔案夾備份,要注意的是,選擇固定檔案夾,只會在該層目錄記錄,對於檔案夾中的子目錄的變動,並不會有所記錄。


第二個分頁Content,則是負責記錄每個記錄檔案的單一大小(Limit target file size),以及每個檔案的記錄筆數(Limit record count of the same file)。



 Illumination Panel可依照時間順序動畫檢視
Window Style則是單純的視窗顯示





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  •  Mac OS X Tiger can also have timemachime for backup feature by TimeDrawer

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    Is waiting for Leopard appeared to bring an excellent backup program Time Machine do? Now there is the Japanese to write a software TimeDrawer, so that Tiger can have a way to back-up records, and the bottom is the simple instructions.
    First of all, after installation, to enable TimeDrawer so, first go to System Preferences, will TimeDrawer the feature is enabled, and the paging-Target in the first place, the first a set target folder, choose to fully back up, or at a fixed folder backup, should be noted that, choose a fixed folder, only in the layer catalog record, for the folder in the subdirectory of the changes and will not be recorded. 

    The second should be set up which files need to be recorded, you can directly select a particular file, such as mov files, or input directly on the + sign extension. 

    The second paging Content, are responsible for recording a single size of each log file (Limit target file size), as well as the number of records in each file (Limit record count of the same file).

    The third page item Database, then is to allow you to record location of the database placed on the local hard disk, the restrictions on the size of the database and records the longest time. 

    Browser paging project is to be controlled by keyboard shortcuts, as well as under the two different ways of view. 

    Illumination Panel may follow the chronological order to view animations 
    Window Style is a simple window display

    Options of the page of the project was set up Data Backup compression method, if not quite understand the difference on the use of default can be

    The same item are Miscellaneous, can be set so that records are found Spotlight. 

    And if installed Growl notification, you can also set up on a window appears for each record Record Notification

    All configuration has finished, after just press the shortcut keys, there will be the entire backup history for those who want to restore data reference.



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