因為在01上看到有人在討論光影魔術手的替代方案,除了自己也張貼了二個特效軟體LiveQuartz和Image Tricks以外,針對外框的部份,另外找了一個提供部份免費的外框樣式軟體Border
















如果要使用更有趣的特效在照片上的話,可以使用Photo Presenter,這是將照片套用豐富效果的幻燈秀軟體,8美金註冊前,還是可以使用,並且可以輸出15秒的動畫效果。










Because in the 01 to see someone discussing an alternative to shadow magic hands, in addition to himself posted two effects software LiveQuartz and Image Tricks, to tackle the part of the frame, another found a provision of part of the free frame Border style software.







Border is a ready-made frame styles available software, there are many ready-made patterns, can change the lines, color, size, frame closed or not and more.





Although some frame styles take registered, you can use, but later found a good size can be adjusted later, with the screen capture and preview the program to remove blank 10.5, but still suggested that if we really need this pattern, or to register After the use of relatively good.


Can be set up after a good frame size, copied to LiveQuartz or other imaging software layer functions as a frame to use.



If you want to use a more interesting effects in the photo, then you can use the Photo Presenter, which is to apply the wealth effect of photo slide show software, 8 dollars pre-registration, or you can use, and can output 15-second animation.





Although only 15 seconds of the effect, but if it is about to deal with images, then, it is already quite enough, as long as with iPhoto album, which corresponds to the effect you want to use the background, followed by movie and then capture the output into a single image, we can there is a wealth of special effects can be used.


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