使用畫面共分成四個部份:(1)內建的傢具物件列表 (2)自己有使用到的傢具列表 (3)自行繪製的平面設計圖區 (4)設計好後的3D圖

偏好設定當中,可以選擇使用公制公分(Centimeter)或是英吋(inch)作為單位。Magnetism是自動對齊功能,還可以設定牆的厚度(walls thickness)以及高度(walls height)。




牆面的材質也可以在繪製好之後,用箭頭工具點選,選擇【Plan】當中的Modify walls。






而Mac當中另外有一套要收費(USD80)的Live Interior 3D


只是它的3D燈光效果比較好,另外一個好處是可以使用Google Sketchup的物件,以及匯出Quicktime VR環景3D的功能未註冊就可以使用。

其實SweetHome3D也可以使用Google Sketchup的物件,只是需要用別的軟體轉檔才能匯入使用,而材質的部份,也還需要看後面的是否會再加強。


Space design software, full-featured operating Sweethome3D

Prior has introduced a cross-platform Java, interior design and drawing software SweetHome3D, then just be able to simply be built into the 3D space for furniture, which has, after a few versions of the improvements, now are quite complete, not only can free to draw the graphic design, you can also import 3DS and OBJ formats, 3D objects, but also be able to export the results into the OBJ format, access to other support that format, 3D software, re-computing lighting effects, etc., under a slight to explain the their instructions on the site.


Use the screen divided into four parts: (1) built-in furniture, objects list (2) they have to use to furniture list (3) self-drawn graphic design areas (4) design a good 3D map will be used later to tools, only the third part of the top tool bar, namely, to use the arrow tool to select the object and draw walls tool, as well as the size of marking tools.

Preferences which you can choose to use metric cm (Centimeter) or inches (inch) as the unit. Magnetism is automatic alignment feature can also set the thickness of the wall (walls thickness) and high (walls height).

If you plan to use the software before the drawing, there are already good graphic design hand-painted, you can sweep it into a Bitmap

Plan the menu through the import, there will be an import wizard asked about the map scale, as well as you want to import, his position of relative coordinates.

Then after you can start shining surface of the floor plan drawing

Wall material can also be good after the draw, use the arrow tool to click on, select Plan】 【among the Modify walls.

Can be modified after the wall material, or material imported images.

And placed in the way of furniture, as long as the list from the built-in furniture, drag them to the graphic design area on it.

Drag and drop to the floor plans for each furniture, simply use the arrow tool to double-click the object, you can set the detailed dimensions of furniture, XY relative coordinates, width (width), high (height), depth (depth), angle (angle) and from the land size (elevation) and so on.

Some of the basic position control, you can also click on the object after which the four corners to do deal with.

SweetHome3D general operation is that these parts, if you only want to draw their own graphic design or arrangement, then, this software can quickly get started, while the built-in furniture items are also quite a lot, it should also make use of the general requirements.

The Mac which also set a fee (USD80) for Live Interior 3D

In fact, a similar mode of operation is also

The 3D lighting effects but it is better, the other advantage is that you can use Google Sketchup objects, as well as export Quicktime VR Panorama 3D feature is not registered, you can use.

In fact, SweetHome3D can also use Google Sketchup objects, but need to use other software to import the use of converting, while the material side, that remains to be seen whether it will further strengthen the back.



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