Pixelmator這套在OSX上的影像處理軟體,個人覺得越來越接近Photoshop日常會用到的多數功能了,如果平常使用Photoshop都只有在RGB色彩模式底下的話,Pixelmator除了界面和功能接近Photoshop之外,軟體當中的許多快捷鍵和選單位置也大多都相同,而最新的Pixelmator 1.31版本推出了一個較專業的色彩管理功能。


而由於Pixelmator沒有提供一般Photoshop中使用在去除背景的鋼筆路徑功能,反而是提供了OSX 當中預覽程式所使用的智慧型魔術棒,在這個版本的更新當中,也提供了智慧型魔術棒更進階的功能。

在使用完智慧型魔術棒圈選出選取範圍之後,滑鼠右鍵叫出輔助選單,可以看到一個【Refine Selection】的選項。





 Imaging software Pixelmator update, with color management capabilities

Pixelmator on the set of the OSX image processing software, Photoshop personally feel closer and closer every day that the majority of features used, and if the use of Photoshop are usually only in the RGB color mode, then the bottom, Pixelmator apart near the Photoshop interface and features, the software, which many of the shortcut keys and menus are the same locations were mostly, but the latest version of Pixelmator 1.31 introduced a more professional color management functions.


If they do not use digital photo management environment, there is a need to use special calibration or set-off-screen color correction file, and now provides an option for Pixelmator can choose among the color correction color management file functions, but only if of course, must first OSX 【 System Preferences】 them, from the 【】 project which monitors the exclusive use of the school to add color files.

And because Pixelmator does not provide a general use Photoshop to remove the background of the pen in the path of function, but OSX is to provide a preview of the program were used by the intelligent magic wand in this version of the update which also provided a more intelligent magic wand advanced features.

End the use of intelligent magic wand ring after the election of the selection, right-Auxiliary called out menu, you can see a】 【Refine Selection option.

After selecting the range you can do for the adjustment of detail, so since you can re-select the tools and more make up some of the differences between the pen path functions.

The updating, in the Font panel also has made some improvements.

Rarely presented in a blog need to spend to purchase a shared software, but the value of 60 dollars in Pixelmator is really very powerful to replace Photoshop, probably only a difference of less than the current support for CMYK color edit mode of the bar, if the normal use of Photoshop was used to, but find it more and more fat and less than a lot of new features, and if we are all in RGB color mode environment, the use of a friend, perhaps you can download Pixelmator to try to see if it could replace the bar.



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