ToneMine是一個比Mac上GarageBand更簡單的免費線上鈴聲混音服務網站,他的功能就是利用提供現有的混音套件,讓使用者可以混音出自己想要的手機鈴聲,要開始試用的話,可以先不用註冊帳號,只要按下【MIX NOW】的按鈕即可。

接著就會看到幾種不同風格的混音包,如果你不確定哪種風格是你要的,可以先按下【Play Sample】試聽之後,在按下【Select Pack】開始混音。

開始混音之後,只要把SoundPack當中的小方塊,拖拉到上方的音軌當中即可,每個小方塊右邊的數字,代表他會在音軌當中佔的時間格率,全數32格,大約等於20秒左右,如果要增加更多的混音音效,就要按下Library右方的【Add More Sound】按鈕。


而MINETONE也支援上傳自己的音樂檔,只要在前面一個畫面當中的【CHOOSE FILE】按鈕按下就可以使用,但是這項功能就需要註冊才能夠使用,其實註冊相當簡單,而且之後混音好的音樂,也是要註冊才能下載,先註冊還是有好處的。

上傳的音樂檔案,格式上有幾點需要注意,(1)不可以用中文檔名,否則上傳後會無法使用。 (2)音樂檔案必須要非壓縮格式,例如:wav,aiff。壓縮格式的檔案,像是MP3,WMV等,傳上去之後就會變成雜音,還有就是上傳的檔案要先切割在20秒以內的長度(最好是18秒左右),以防止超過TONEMINE提供的時間格率長度,該音樂檔上傳就會因為過長,而無法被放到音軌當中。

整個混音過程當中,隨時都可以按下代表Play的三角形按鈕試聽混音的情況,如果混音完畢想要存檔,只要按下最右方的【SAVE AS】按鈕即可。

之後只要按下My Tones當中,該混音音樂列表右方的【Share】按鈕,就會出現可以下載的下拉選單,由於TONEMINE是美國網站,所以他當中提供的Send to Phone功能,只有支援美國當地的行動電話號碼,我們來使用的話,最好的方式應該就是下載完成後的mp3檔案,或是也可以嵌入在網頁及blog當中,讓人下載,底下是我從站上找到的一段別人混好的音樂(自己混得還不覺得很好聽不敢放),可以給大家參考一下。






ToneMine is a much simpler than the Mac, GarageBand ringtones free online mixing service website, and his function is used to offer the mixing suite, so users can mix their own cell phone ring tones you want to start a trial, if , you can not register the first account, just press 【】 to MIX NOW button. 
Then you will see several different styles of mixing package, if you are not sure what style you want, you can press the 【】 Lyrics Play Sample later, in press 【Select Pack】 start mixing. 

After mixing the beginning, so long as SoundPack among a small box, and drag it to the top of the track which can be, each small box to the right of the figures represent the total of which he would track the time frame rates, all 32 cells, is approximately equal to 20 seconds or so, if you want to add more audio mixing, we must press the Library to the right】 【Add More Sound button. 

Then you can see, there are playing select a color box 【X】 audio is currently available in the music library which, while there are many MINETONE provide some other sound, as long as the 【X】 button to click, you can see the emergence of the status of selected blocks of color. 

The MINETONE also supports upload your own music files, as long as the screen in front of one among】 【CHOOSE FILE button is pressed, you can use, but this feature is required to be registered will be able to use, in fact, registration is simple, but after a good mixing of music, but also to register to download, first registered, or beneficial. 

Upload music files, the format there are several points to note, (1) can not be used in the document name, or after uploading is not available. (2) music files must be non-compressed format, such as: wav, aiff. File compression formats, such as MP3, WMV and so on, pass up and then go into murmur, there is a file that is uploaded first cut in 20 seconds or less in length (preferably 18 seconds or so), in order to prevent more than TONEMINE provide the length of time frame rates, the music files will be uploaded for long, but can not be placed among the tracks. 

Throughout the mixing process, at any time you can press the triangle button on behalf of Play Lyrics mixing the circumstances, if you want to archive finished mixing, just press the far right of the】 【SAVE AS button. 

Just click My Tones, after which, the music list on the right mix】 【Share button, there will be a drop-down menu can be downloaded, as TONEMINE the U.S. site, so he offered them Send to Phone feature, only the support the United States the local mobile phone number, we have to use the words, the best way is to take mp3 files after the download is complete, or can also be embedded in web pages and blog them, people download, the bottom is what I found for some other people stand on the mixed good music (not really good to listen to their own Hunde not dare to put), can give your reference. 

Similar ToneMine sites, as well as such MYBYTES and so on, but so far, they are preferred TONEMINE use interface, feel more easy to use, and also more satisfied when the DJ feeling




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